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Introduction: ACM Suite software

Introduction: ACM Suite software


With our software all businesses not only reach, but also aids to exceed the Environmental, Health and Safety compliance objectives.


With the use of ACM Suite, companies can quickly identify the applicable legal requirements by type of business and jurisdiction, evaluate the level of compliance through a compliance audit, hierarchy non-compliances considering the level of risk of each aspect or factor, prepare detailed action plans and manage different levels of responsibility for compliance by department or by plant, guaranteeing the effective closing of findings on established dates. 

Identification of Legal Requirements

The Software has an applicability identification module by industrial sector, that identifies environmental, safety and hygiene aspects, according to the Laws and Regulations. This stage also identifies the critical studies or permits required to start up and for ongoing operations within the legal framework established by law.

Audit Module

In the audit module, the software automatically displays individual questionnaires for each environmental factor and safety and hygiene aspect. Each question is associated with a specific legal requirement that is also automatically displayed in the questionnaire. ACM Suite has practical help for guiding the auditor to request adequate or specific documentary evidence of the requirements, standardizing the evaluation process.

Risk Hierarchy

ACM Suite uses a risk matrix that helps the auditor to rank the level of risk of each non-compliance, considering possible environmental, worker safety, as well as business risk, thus ensuring that the actions actually taken are made on the basis of the level of risk and the proposed approaches or controls are effective, ensuring the legal compliance.

Action Plan

Once the audit is complete, ACM Suite automatically generates an Action Plan that arranges the non-compliances, associated legal requirement, recommendation, definition of responsible for attending the measure, and expiration date. At this stage, the levels of responsibility required by each company are programmed either to monitor execution or to authorize actions. The module also has the definition of alarms that will notify users of upcoming closing dates or tasks whose closure has expired.  Similarly, the different levels of the organization that will be involved in notifications and authorizations are defined in this module.

Legal Library

ACM Suite Also has a library for legislation, where in a friendly manner you can consult the Laws, Regulations, Mexican Official Standards and Official Agreements on environmental, safety and hygiene that have been published in the Official Journal of the Federation or in Official Newspapers of the States.

Document Control

The library module complements the migration from traditional management to Digital Transformation by digitizing all documents associated with each applicable legal requirement, in an orderly manner by aspect and by factor, with agile access to your query or download from any device at any time.

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