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Who are we

Founded in 1990 we are a company that has worked diligently in environmental, health and safety EHS compliance in Mexico, to help the public and private sectors identify, prevent, and minimizing Environmental, Safety, Hygiene, and Business risks. We have already completed projects in over a dozen major industrial regions in Mexico offering our aid as host of EHS consulting services internationally.

We are dedicated to provide high quality EHS turnkey solutions to clients throughout Mexico, Central and South America. Our company is a preeminent firm in the field of environmental health and safety consulting services, in which our experience in this field dates back to the firm’s founding nearly 30 years ago.

We have succeeded and developed by maintaining longterm responsive business relationships with our clients that have complex large-scale EHS challenges that require our support and services on an ongoing basis.

What we do

Our company specializes in EHS management systems and compliance with Mexican regulations, that improve process safety management, reduce environmental impact and minimize business risk. ACM Suite is the sum of our efforts to increase performance and compliance in operations.

ACM Suite is the connected use of cloud computing applications, mobile capabilities, sensor-enabled equipment and Big Data analysis to digitally transform EHS processes. It is not the technology itself, but rather the framework enabled by technology that allows organizations to take their EHS initiatives to the next level.

Out software doesn’t intend to replace traditional EHS management techniques. Instead, it utilizes digitalization of EHS with a focus on the integration of people, processes, technology and performance. EHS leaders can use this approach to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and integration of EHS into business strategy.

What’s changed are the challenges and opportunities EHS leaders face in achieving these goals. This creates new business and operational risks along with new opportunities to optimize performance. 

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