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Seeing the steady tide of foreign businesses transitioning their operations to Mexico, our team has developed EHS ACM Suite as a platform that identifies what it takes to comply with all applicable EHS requirements minimizing risks and ensuring continuous operations. In response to further industrial growth that would only exacerbate the country’s existing environmental issues, and in order to avoid any possible enforcements and liabilities from any Authority, ACM Suite provides the platform for companies to comply not only with national regulations, but also with international agreements signed by the Federal Government like TMEC with Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, Ozone Layer Protection, Hazardous Waste Management, among others. As a result, if a business wants to fulfill operations in a proactive manner, it’s crucial the compliance with Mexico’s environmental, health and safety regulations.

EHS ACM Suite is the digital aid that makes use of an online platform with modules, in which facilities can consult applicable Federal, State and Municipal Laws and Official Standards, as well as Compliance Documents module in which organizations can access directly to all Permits and Documents of Compliance. Our software also connects teams and data using intelligent systems that help optimize operations, identifying the applicable legal requirements, allowing facilities evaluate their compliance in all aspects of environment, health, safety and hygiene. This tool can automatically generate action plans, manage responsibilities and compliance, determine risk hierarchies associated to each non-compliance, as well as generate reports that indicate the KPIs of each area of the company for any facilities located in Mexico based on its risk criteria. Our software provides support to organizations beyond traditional EHS desk and paper management, transforming it to cloud and instant digital device access for improving performance in compliance.



ACM Suite allows you to ensure compliance and it identifies the applicable jurisdiction to each of the environmental aspects established in the industries regulated within statute 5 of the General Law on Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection enacted in 1998. Further compliance with its amendments is provisioned, as well as with National Waters Law, General Law on Climate Change, General law on the Prevention and Comprehensive Management of Waste, Federal Law on Environmental Liability, The Law of Dumping in Mexican Marine Areas, Law of the National Agency of Industrial Security and Environmental Protection for the Hydrocarbon Sector, and Mexican Statues and Official Norms (NOMs) that set out maximum allowable pollutant limits for contaminants in the air, water and soil, and list hazardous waste, substances, and endangered species.

In order to reduce environmental impact associated to facilities, our company provides expert services and monitor all aspects such as Environmental Due Diligence, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, Remediations, Air Emissions Management, Waste management and Pollution Prevention,  Wastewater management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment, Process Safety Management, amongst others.

Safety & Hygiene

Our software makes it easy to identify, monitor, measure, audit, and review most aspects related to the occupational safety and hygiene management systems based on Federal Labour Law, Federal Regulations of Occupational Health and Safety, Official Mexican Standards, detail each one of the sections of the Regulation, related to Health (toxics in the workplace, noise, radiations, thermal conditions, illumination, psychological risk factors, ergonomic risk factors); Safety (fire prevention and protection, safety in machinery and equipment, substances management, handling of materials, static electricity, welding and cutting, and confined spaces) and Organization (PPE, hazard communication, safety committee, safety signs, process safety management, preventive health services).

In both content and enforcement, Mexico’s family of laws and regulations regarding workplace safety and health is federal, being established by Congress and enforced by federally delineated sectors. NOMs are technical standards issued by the competent administrative authorities. They set out binding specifications, standards, values and characteristics applicable to any products, process, facilities, systems, activities, services or methods of production. 

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Compliance (KPIs & Risk Management)

Taking all the necessary precautions and steps to meet Mexican compliance regulations, particularly environmental regulations, is no simple task. Depending on your specific niche, there may be dozens of rules or manufacturing requirements that are particular to the business. Therefore, as a company makes its operational transition Mexico, we offer the solution in navigating the convoluted system of laws and regulations for the purpose of monitoring, measure, audit, review and ensure compliance management allows you to ensure companywide compliance with all your regulatory and other requirements.

ACM Suite services provides a digital management solution for Environmental, Health, Safety and Corporate risk measurement. Our dashboard and Key Performance Indicators are adequate for Obtaining relevant permits, Controlling and disposing of hazardous waste, Obligatory environmental reporting, Internal audits to prepare for governmental audits, Consultation about both current and new environmental laws, Training and educating employees about environmental regulations.

Platform Features

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Dashboard & Reports

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