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Active Regulatory Compliance Identification

Ensuring the entire organization is in compliance with Mexico's Regulatory framework by actively recognizing through the software, which environmental laws, standards, and aspects are applicable for each industry sector and location. Follow through and achieve conformity with our software to identify all laws and regulations that are applicable nationwide, in each state or municipality and at the level of each individual site regarding environmental, health and safety aspects. Through the compliance module, facilities can easily track regulatory requirements that must be met and ensure that all sites, business units, and departments are complying with applicable regulatory obligations.

ACM Suite grants our clients insight into company-wide performance related to compliance tasks and assigning individual or team responsibilities. One of our objectives is that regulations are thoroughly followed, and digital management can be implemented with integrity at all layers of the organization as pending actions are displayed by teams in order to achieve total conformity.



The purpose of the Audit through ACM Suite is to verify and identify if the compliance is in systemic way or by factor such as land use, environmental impact, environmental risk, air emissions, water supply, wastewater discharge, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, environmental noise, soil contamination, on environmental matter; and Organizational, Health and Safety aspects in workplace.

Once the jurisdiction has been defined, the software automatically displays individual questionnaires for each environmental factor and safety aspect. Each question is associated with a specific legal requirement that is also displayed in the questionnaire. ACM Suite has a practical help to guide the auditor to request the proper documentary or specific evidence of the requirements, standardizing the evaluation process. Part of the audit process is to assess the risk of each non-compliance / finding, facilitating the process with an interactive help of risk assessment matrices based on business, environmental, safety and hygiene risks.

Industry 4.0 Action Plan

Compliance with every regulatory aspect is taken into an industry leading Action Plan, in which each facility and their teams, it can be by area of one site or multisite nationwide, assigns priority tasks and completion dates, and carefully accomplish tasks and other requirements by planning work in advance and using automation to get it done. Our software emphasizes in the completion of tasks with one simple click. The Action Plan module allows users to associate records and select appropriate actions based on their Human Resources capabilities.


Not only does ACM Suite has unchained management from the desk and allows task completion in an online platform and with fewer steps, but also through our platform collaborative teams have a space to demonstrate fulfilled tasks, as well as improving the approval and publishing lifecycle within the same IT ecosystem.


Document Control & Law Library

EHS ACM Suite through the Library Module makes it easy to organize compliance documents. When every task has been achieved and is in compliance, ACM Suite serves also as a database that stores permits, procedures, compliance reports and evidences that will help to attend future audits or inspections.

Our platform also has a Law Library that allows online consultation module of all Mexican legislation, Official Standards, and NOMs, regarding the environment, safety and hygiene at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Once the organization has successfully reached all levels of compliance and searches to create a database or central repository for all controlled documents, it can be achieved digitally so employees and supervisors can find what they need with minimal effort. Another benefit is that compliance related documents, are available for authorized users in the catalogue and Action Plan in order to eliminate review and approval bottlenecks. This way, cross functional teams and facilities can easily manage tasks with automatic email notifications, reminders, and escalations.

Performance Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators are incorporated within our software dashboard in which the corporation can see how the organization is doing with compliance tasks, permits review, and regulatory conformity. ACM Suite allows detailed understanding of the situation by permitting the user analyze the data, and finding the biggest risks.

Our dashboard is used to identify and prevent major hazards, assess associated risks, and track controls in order to increase productivity, avoid injuries, enforcements, subpoenas, total or partial closure, and avoid penalties such as Monetary fines or Repair of damage.

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Risk Management

By using ACM suite, an effective risk assessment can be implemented to inform proposed actions focused on tasks and resources on the greatest risks. Our solution provides robust reporting to easily analyze such risks and their controls for the organization to quickly see the current status of all assessments and control-implementation projects.

Our digital framework identifies and manage environmental, safety, higiene, business and social risks. We propose a simpler method for risk assessments, and automate the important processes related to each. By having risk ranking, the data needed to get a global perspective and drill back down to see the local picture are all within the same platform, examining each and every significant hazard along with implementation of controls.

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